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V. Ravinder Reddy
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Alphores is an institution replete with most advanced infrastructure which makes learning highly interactive, interesting and intuitive experience. as... the students discover the secrets of science in fully-equipped labs, unravel a world of knowledge in computerized library stocked with vast collection of books and journals, and keep trend with times and technology of the world with sophisticated computer lab connected to hi-speed internet facility. Above all, the structural design of the classrooms permits ambient light and fresh air invigorate the learning environment while lush green and inviting outdoors enhance the learning process.

Since vedic period , the women have been exhibiting their wisdom in education as it is obvious from the Upanishads that the noble ladies like ‘Gargi’ and ‘Maithreyi’ have given their competent discourses in the court of Vedic experts and won the laurels.  We also have the evidences form the ancient Indian History of the dominant role played by the women in the matriarchal society which stand as testimony to the prudence and leadership qualities of women.  It is widely accepted that the present developed state of the world would not have been possible without the involvement of women.  In India, since ages, the women have been commanding great social respect preserving their dignity and decorum.

Our noble heritage gives us moral support to try truthfully for the educational development of women.  Now a days the boys and girls are treated equally in all fields of life due to the radical changes taking place in society.  The Government is providing reservations to women in all of the educational opportunities and employment.  As such if the women are encouraged to do graduation and post graduation, there is every possibility of getting employment which ensures economic independence and better state of living.

Keeping in view the above Alphores Women’ s Degree College, an Institution meant for exclusively for women, is established by the Alphores Educational Society to encourage the parents to admit their daughters in women’s college without the fear of complications arising in co-education colleges.  In addition to the regular degree course vocational courses like Beautician course, Fashion designing etc. are arranged with the collaboration of Women’s welfare society, Hyderabad, to strengthen job opportunities and self employment.

I welcome the girls to join in Alphores Women’ s Degree College, the first of its kind in the private sector in Karimnagar district which offers extra academic benefits to the students along with a bright and prosperous career

V. Ravinder Reddy
Principal Speech
Alphores Women’s Degree College, endeavors to make education a purposeful, meaningful, enjoyable experience and to mould younger citizen to stand up to global competition..!  
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Courses Offered B.Com
B.Com General (E/M)
B.Com General (T/M)
B.Com Computer Applications+ CA-CPT (E/M)
B.Com Computer Applications (T/M)
PG Courses Offered
M.Sc (Chemistry)
Courses Offered B.Sc
Maths, Physics, Chemistry (E/M)
Maths, Physics, Chemistry (T/M)
Maths, Physics, Comp. Sci. (E/M)
Maths, Statistics, Comp. Sci. (E/M)
Maths, Chemistry, Comp. Sci. (E/M)
Biotechnolory, Botany, Chemistry (E/M)
Biotechnolory, Zoology, Chemistry (E/M)
Botany, Zoology, Chemistry (T/M)
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